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What’s Your Piece?

See how we all fit together with the Co-Active Model. Re-live the Co-Active Summit experience through pictures. Artwork by Doug Boehm – along with the complete series of illustrations by our graphic facilitator, Paula Hansen. You may also download the full set of images in high resolution by clicking the link below.

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Facebook_IconCo-Active Summit Attendee Promises
Proclamations & promises from the first Co-Active Summit, Marco Island

Akashic Records Channeling: The Place of Co-Active Work in Worldwide Transformations

Recorded as part of the Summit proceedings on Friday, February 25, 2011.

This Live Channeling offers incredible insight into the role of leadership in human evolution. Listen and learn how change will continue to unfold in the human family, and how you can participate as a Co-Active leader. Learn the vital importance of human connection, and how to activate this connection in organizational leadership. The information is relevant to all coaches and leaders working at this exciting time in human evolution. Runtime: 43 minutes.

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